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Alphabet Sex Harassment

Thursday, January, 2, 2020

Alphabet, Inc. has decided to attempt mediation in an effort to resolve investor litigation regarding alleged sexual harassment by senior leaders at Google.  According to reports, harassment and other misconduct had been going on for years.


Earlier this year company directors established a special committee intended to evaluate claims of harassment.  The group was set up after several lawsuits were filed by shareholder groups, all alleging that the boar failed in its duties.  In addition to the harassment claims, the board is also accused of approving large secretive payouts to departing executives.  The committee’s recommendation was that ultimately it would be based to attempt a private, closed-door mediation and both sides agreed to extend the deadline to mid-February Alphabet has to respond to claims to allow a mediation attempt.


For the last two years Google has receive media attention for its handling or mishandling of sexual harassment and misconduct.  In 2018, thousands of employees walked off the job in protest after a New York times article talked about Google paying the found of Android $90 million in severance after he was accused of sexual harassment.


As a result, Google changed some of its policies and is no longer barring employees from signing away their right to file a lawsuit against the company, but issues still abound with harassment and other accusations of misconduct, many of which have resulted in legal action.


Google has not responded to the decision to try mediation and emails to a lawyer representing Google investors when unanswered.