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Attempts to Resolve Disputes over DACA Have Proven Unsuccessful So Far

Monday, January, 29, 2018

The professional mediator, Dan Naranjo, has found that so far his attempts to help those disputing over DACA using mediation have not been successful.  His goal in the sessions is to help the opposing sides see the other’s point of view, but so far, there has been little compromise concerning issues related to immigration.


In general, Naranjo notes, mediation is successful in the legal system.  Most people find they gain more from letting their hostility go and reaching a compromise.  At the very least, mediation usually costs much less than litigation.


But, Naranjo follows up, issues stemming from policy making in DC probably is not the best testing ground for something like mediation.  Most are not willing to compromise and he believes both tribalism and social media have stood in the way of any progress.


More than 700,000 people have been affected by issues with DACA, which is the acronym for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  The program allows child immigrates who came to the United States and grew up in the country to remain in the country, even if they lack the official paperwork that makes them citizens.


Naranjo believes that if politicians are not willing to see the other’s perspective, maybe they can imagine being in the position of someone directly affected by DACA – someone at risk for being deported after a lifetime of living in the country and knowing no other home besides the United States.  Naranjo is hoping those who learn about how repealing DACA would affect people who are members of the community will affect how they vote on the issue, but some people are preparing for the worst.


And even though mediation has not yet succeeded in helping either side be more understanding of the complex issue, Naranjo has not lost hope.