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China Steps in to Mediate between Sudan and South Sudan

Saturday, January, 24, 2015

Claiming to be acting as a ‘responsible world power’ and not in its own interests, China has entered the ongoing dispute between Sudan and South Sudan.  However, many have noted that stabilizing the area is very much in China’s interests, including China’s huge investment in the oil fields in Sudan. 


Sudan and South Sudan have been engaged in a bloody conflict over territorial and other issues.  The conflict has had a negative impact on both oil production and the security of both domestic and foreign workers in the region.  China’s investment in the area is substantial, and its willingness to exert influence is a clear sign that they are concerned for their interests in the region, no matter its rhetoric concerning its duty as a world power. 


For its part, Sudan has expressed gratitude to China for its assistance in helping to resolve the matter.  China has had good relations with both countries, and so hopes to be a positive force in the negotiations.  However, observers have noted that Sudan has also been unwavering in its support of China’s policies, clearly demonstrating Sudan’s dependence on the larger country, who invests heavily in equipment and expertise in Sudan to get its oil industry up and running.  Sudan’s dependence on China would make it very difficult for that country to put off China’s decision to act as mediator between the two countries, Sudan may have to compromise its position in order to resolve the conflict quickly – a key desire of China.