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Concordia University Student Agrees to Mediation to Resolve Her Discrimination Case

Tuesday, August, 4, 2015



Mediation is the next step in resolving a dispute between a Concordia University student and the school after she filed a complaint claiming she was the victim of sexist and racist actions by former executive members of the school. The mediation is being offered by the Quebec Human Rights Commission and they are hoping to settle the matter outside of the courtroom.


The student claims the mistreatment occurred from 2013 through 2014 when she was in the ASFA offices during a mandate. The complaint states there were two executives responsible for the discrimination and harassment which were related to the student’s gender and race, and that ASFA did nothing to intervene and stop the problem.


The student claims to have endured comments and jokes related to her gender, and was also isolated and treated unfairly throughout the school year. She also saw a Facebook conversation between the two executives that referred to her as a “whore” and a “chink slave.” It was these comments that convinced her to report the behavior to the university, something that resulted in no action to end the problem.


The student is represented by the Center for Research-Action on Race Relations and is seeking $7000 in moral damages and $3000 in punitive damages from each of the respondents in the case (the two executives and ASFA). The Center also requested that the two executives be required to attend mandatory sensitivity training related to race and gender issues, and civil rights, and that the Center create a task force to address ways to prevent racism, sexism, and violence at Concordia.