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Date Set for Mediation in Hot Car Toddler Death

Saturday, August, 15, 2015

A Fort Lauderdale, Florida judge recently set a mediation date for the parents accused of leaving their 11-month old baby boy in their SUV in July. Kenneth and Elaine Weaver claim they forgot the child in their vehicle following a grocery shopping trip, causing the infant’s death.


Weaver has four other children – ages 2, 5, 12, and 13 that are currently living with relatives in the area. The judge ruled those surviving children will continue the living arrangement until after the mediation. The judge chose August 24th as the mediation date for the couple, neither of whom has been formally charged in the death of their son.


In the meantime, the Florida state attorney’s office is waiting for results from the autopsy from the medical examiner’s office on the little boy. According to the parents, the boy had been in the vehicle for approximately an hour when his body was found. The parents called 911 and performed CPR onsite, but were unable to rescue the boy and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.


This was not the first time Elaine Weaver had issues that triggered a state investigation of her parenting. She previously lost custody of one of her children in 1995 and was reunited with the child a short time later after completing an educational program. The parents currently have limited visits with their four surviving children, but the Weavers’ attorney hopes that will soon change. He pointed out in an interview that Elaine cooperated in the past and will do so again under these new circumstances.