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Dispute over Construction at Minnesota Vikings Stadium Headed Back to Mediation

Friday, February, 14, 2020

The Minnesota Vikings football team’s stadium was completed nearly four years ago, but disputes over the design and the construction of the building continue to rage on.  Now the disputing parties will head back to mediation in an attempt to resolve the matter once and for all.


According to the Star Tribune, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, the entity that manages the stadium, continues its attempts in confidential mediation with many of the entities involved in the design and construction of US Bank Stadium.


The Authority has not named any of those involved, but according to the stadium’s chief builder M. A.  Mortenson Co. issued a statement that it was involved in the mediation.   The Vikings have also stated that they are involved in the mediation.


It is not entirely clear what the dispute involves.  Both Mortenson and the Authority have been involved in mediation on prior occasions regarding $15 million in design changes that arose during the year and a half construction phase.  They were able to negotiate a settlement in that mediation in early 2016.


Crews also had to repair zinc panels in 2017 when they came loose during a wind storm.  And other issues later arose after the stadium’s official opening that was related to additional wind damage and water leakage.


Following the problems, workers reinforced the panels so they would not blow off if there were more strong winds.  There were also moisture barriers added, but the official cost of repairs was never made public.  There was also no indication of who would be held responsible for the repairs completed and if any further repairs were needed in the future.  Furthermore, there was no determination as to whether the problems were related to the design of the stadium, faulty materials, or another issue.