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Thursday, May, 10, 2012

Many divorce attorneys in New York are becoming more and more curious as to why  Mediation Is Best for resolving divorce and family law conflicts.  There has been a trend toward this alternative dispute resolution with the advent of collaborative law practices, and many New York divorce attorneys are now trying their hand at this type of modern approach to matrimonial conflict.  In fact, some courts have even established mandatory mediation where the parties to a divorce are referred to the mediation part first to attempt to resolve the conflicts early on, or at least narrow them down.  Mostly, this has been instituted with respect to custody and parenting time, with the belief that resolving these important issues early will help the process go more smoothly when it comes to resolving financial issues.


How Mediation Is Best


Several years ago, frustrated with the adversarial process of divorce and looking for a way to better handle these matters for her clients, Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator began working with an established Mediation firm, learning from peers and superiors the nuances of conflict resolution in this kinder, gentler forum.  Attending an intensive training program with the Center for Mediation in Law together with her years as a litigation attorney and associate mediator provided Ms. Fine with the tools she needed to grow her mediation practice on her own.  Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator enjoys working closely with clients and assisting them, utilizing both learned techniques that have been perfected over the years, as well as her experience, to reach an agreement that represents their interests, and addresses their unique concerns.


Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator’s Services


Lisa S. Fine, Esq., is highly qualified as and Attorney and Mediator and has years of relevant experience in this field. Ms. Fine can easily handle even the most complicated cases with integrity and professionalism.  With a general practice background obtained many years before, Lisa S.  Fine, Esq. helps participants in a mediation view the big picture, incorporating her knowledge of other areas of law, such as wills, personal injury and commercial and Business transactions to assist the participants in reaching the best possible resolution of their conflicts.  As a parent herself, Lisa S. Fine, Esq. is aware of the problems and issues unique to parents seeking a divorce and separation, as she understands first hand things like child care, education,  and other issues concerning raising children.  As a parent, Ms. Fine is quick to remind participants of how their conflict is affecting their children, and as the Mediator, she will assist the participants in drafting an agreement that is best for them and their children.


Process of Mediation by Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator


Participants interested in Mediation are first invited to attend a free 45 minute information consultation with Lisa S. Fine, Esq., who will explain the process and details of Mediation.  During that consultation the participants and the Mediator will determine if they are comfortable proceeding with Mediation.  If the answer is yes, the first appointment is set.  Most appointments occur weekly, but the participants and Mediator will set a schedule that works best for all, as there are not deadlines set by the Court or otherwise to adhere to.  Meetings last from one to two hours, but, again, can be shorter or longer as agreed.  During each meeting, Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator will assist the parties through simple conversation in reaching agreements on all issues involving their matter.  As Mediator, Ms. Fine will make sure all relevant topics are covered, and utilizing techniques and skills learned through training and experience, will assist the couple in reaching a resolution of all issues.  As an Attorney, Ms. Fine can explain the law as it exists to the couple, and can explain what may happen in a courtroom.  The parties will meet for as many sessions as necessary to reach an agreement on all issues.  When all issues are resolved, the participants can request Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator to assist them further by drafting the necessary documents.  Ms. Fine can also assist the participants as pro se litigants in drafting and filing the paperwork necessary for their uncontested divorce.


Payment is rendered by the participants at the end of each meeting, and billing is done hourly for time actually spent in a meeting.  Drafting of documents is also done in accordance with hourly billing.  Costs, billing, and procedures are discussed in greater detail at the initial consultation meeting.