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The Divorce Mediation Checklist

Monday, March, 28, 2011

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a person can have, but consulting with a mediation attorney and creating a divorce mediation checklist can make matters easier to deal with. A checklist ensures that both parties cover the important points they wish to have accounted for during the divorce process, and contains items that the mediation attorney will address.

Creating a divorce checklist requires that a couple talks over the points they want to address before they consult the mediation attorney, although the mediation attorney can look over the checklist and make suggestions for additions to the list. Communication on which points should be talked about helps to ensure that the divorce proceedings yield the most satisfactory results possible for both parties.

Items that couples may wish to address in the divorce mediation checklist usually include child custody, a schedule for child visitation, a division of child support that accounts for education expenses (including college funds), insurance, and health care expenses. Division of property and assets, as well as potential spousal support is another important point that should be covered. Couples will also want to talk with their divorce mediation attorney about division of taxes, pension, gratuity, and other financial liabilities also.

The divorce mediation checklist should include a list of property, assets, and finances that will have to be divided. Loans, insurance payments, and other financial liabilities should be listed too, including credit card debts, and details on income, salaries, and tax statements must be included in the list.