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Glebe BIA and Councilor Shawn Menard Agree to Mediation

Monday, July, 13, 2020

Councilor Shawn Menard and the Glebe BIA have agreed to attempt mediation after Menard was terminated from his position on the BIA board at the end of June. Both parties agreed to “enter into a new process of understanding and collaboration” and will participate in mediation in an attempt to reach a resolution concerning their differences.


The BIA withdrew its request to have an attorney Menard replaced and all parties will not do what they can to continue supporting the local community and area businesses. This sentiment was shared by the two sides and expressed publicly in a joint statement issued a few days ago.


The statement further elaborated, “There is mutual agreement that the current situation is not ideal, and we must focus on effectively addressing the more pressing demands, including those related to COVID-19 and the work required to help the local economy during a period of recovery. As we re-establish this relationship and roles on the board, we will seek mediated solutions, striking a balance between the needs of local businesses and the broader community.”


The relationship between Glebe and Menard has been strained ever since Menard began advocating for the removal of street parking along Bank Street. He proposed to give cyclists and pedestrians more space during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown conditions. Businesses were concerned that removing curb lanes would create more challenges in a time when they were already struggling to survive and that this would make it difficult for them to receive deliveries and provide customers with curbside pickup accommodations.


After the board voted for Menard’s removal, he said he would ask that a proposal still be voted on that would provide more road space for pedestrians and cyclists in the area.