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Grand Prairie to Ratify ICF Mediation Terms

Monday, July, 13, 2020

Both the city and county of Grand Prairie are about to ratify the mediation terms for the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF). Both the city and county councils are expected to receive the agreement next week.


The City Council will deliberate the framework of the mediation at a Special Council Meeting. The County Council will do the same with the protocols in mid-July.


According to the joint statement released by both parties, these protocols will explain “the terms of confidential and respectful discussion toward a mediated agreement.” It will include things such as the role external advisors will play in negotiations, how meetings are conducted and scheduled, how agendas will be set, how the information will be shared, how public engagement will work, and more.


The two parties have agreed to complete the mediation process and have an agreement in place by the end of March 2021.


According to Mayor Bill Given, “Our goal is to reach a fair and equitable Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework that addresses the needs of residents and businesses who depend on services across both municipalities. We are committed to working with the County and welcome the mediator’s assistance in helping us achieve a reasonable agreement.”


Once complete the mediated document will include information about how the city and county of Grand Prairie will:


  • Provide beneficial services to residents in multiple municipalities
  • Identify which party is responsible for providing services
  • Explain how services are funded and delivered
  • Provide a process for resolving disputes
  • Ensure both parties contribute monetarily to beneficial services for residents