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Hart of Dixie Star Withdraws Request for Temporary Restraining Order against Husband: Mediation Ahead for Couple

Monday, July, 6, 2020

Jaime King, star of the hit television show Hart of Dixie, recently withdrew her request for a temporary restraining order against her husband, Kyle Newman. The two are divorcing. Mediation has been ordered by the court for the couple regarding issues related to their children. The couple is the parents of two boys.


Following the withdrawal, the court hearing was canceled. It is expected that the divorce negotiations will continue in the coming weeks and months with the assistance of a third-party mediator.


According to someone speaking on behalf of King, the star had no comment on the matter, but it was officially confirmed that the restraining order request had been canceled. Someone familiar with the couple said that the decision to withdraw the request was made after the two decided to move forward with mediation to make things easier on their children.


King filed the request for divorce in May at the same time she requested the restraining order.


A hearing is scheduled for September 9th for the couple called a Family-Centered Case Resolution Conference. This is required before the two can “meet and confer” in person or by phone. The conference will cover issues related to the couples’ finances, requests going forward with the divorce, and other issues.


The mediation session will take place on August 18th and deal with any disputes over the children related to visitation or custody arise in the coming weeks and months. Both husband and wife are required to attend or complete an agreement online via the Online Dispute Resolution system.