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Harvey Weinstein and Victims Headed to Mediation

Monday, November, 26, 2018

Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys and women accusing him of sexual misconduct are in the process of considering if mediation could help them resolve their dispute. The goal of the mediation would be to reach a financial settlement regarding the civil lawsuits filed against the producer.


The Wall Street Journal reported that mediation sessions are to take place in November. In attendance will be a legal representative for Weinstein, insurance companies affected by the claims, and the New York Attorney General.


Weinstein has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by more than 80 different women. He has denied all allegations thus far.


In addition to the suits filed by the women, Weinstein is also facing lawsuits filed by insurance companies offering him professional coverage. The companies claim their policies do not cover the legal expenses incurred as a result of the assault allegations.


Additionally, Weinstein has been accused of sex trafficking. He was arrested on sexual assault charges, including rape, in May 2018. If found guilty, who could face more than 50 years in prison. He had to pay $1 million in bail and must wear an ankle monitoring device to be released.


Weinstein is the founder of the Weinstein, Co. movie studio, which started in 2005. He was forced to resign from his role with the company shortly after the allegations concerning his behavior came to light. His resignation came after it was revealed that Weinstein was paying off women to keep quiet about his alleged sexual misconduct.


Weinstein’s accusations were a tipping point for the “Me Too” social movement.