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Hernando Schools Superintendent Headed to Mediation with Neighbor

Monday, February, 12, 2018

Lori Romano, Hernando County Schools Superintendent, and her neighbor are headed to mediation in an effort to end their dispute.  Romano recently filed a restraining order against her neighbor, Italia Carolina Lainez.  This is common for legal disputes between neighbors and is often the best possible way to resolve the matter permanently.


The two women agreed in court to extend the restraining order for the time being.  They also agreed to meet, along with their individual attorneys, to discuss the issues at hand and determine if a better solution can be reached before they are forced to a court hearing.  This was according to a court order filed last week.


According to the agreement, both parties want to achieve a full resolution of the issues.  They also want to “… establish a peaceful, safe and civil relationship and atmosphere within their neighborhood and in their professional contacts”.


Originally, according to court documents, Romano accused Lainez of stalking, harassment, and threats.  She claimed the actions were directed at her and her family.  Lainez’s home is across the street from Romano, which is located on Pristine Place off Elgin Boulevard in Spring Hill.


Lainez has a history of problems with school district employees.  She refused to speak to the Tampa Bay Times regarding the allegations and the upcoming mediation.  Neither women returned requests for comment after the paper learned of the mediation agreement and attempted to reach out to them for a comment.


The mediation is supposed to occur before April.  If it should fail and a full agreement not be reached, the dispute will proceed to court for a final hearing.