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Illinois Lieutenant Governor Brings Love of Mediation to New Office

Saturday, January, 5, 2019

Mediation just had one of its biggest fans elected to a powerful public office.  Juliana Stratton, who takes oath as the newest Lieutenant Governor of Illinois on January 14, 2019, brings a passion and love of the mediation process – and experience using mediation – with her into the position. 


According to Stratton, her love of mediation goes back years to when she was in law school.  She explained to the State Journal-Register, “When I was a second-year law student, I was trained by the Center for Conflict Resolution (a Chicago nonprofit) to do mediation, and I fell in love with it.  After practicing with a small firm . . .  I was constantly intrigued by the fact that most lawsuits get settled. ”


Stratton eventually went on to form a mediation firm – JDS Mediation Services – that allowed her to work as a mediator for government via contract work.  She believes working in mediation has shaped who she is and made her overall approach to problem-solving what it is today.


Her running mate, Governor-elect JB Pritzker, is happy to have Stratton and her experience as part of his team.  In an interview during the campaign in August 2017 he said of Stratton, “She will be a great partner in the fight to get Illinois back on track. ” He also noted she had spent “a lot of years as a professional mediator, which, to be honest, we could use more of in Springfield. ” He is one of many looking forward to working with Stratton and having this fresh approach to the disputes that so often arise at high levels of government.