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Jamaican Dancer Heads to Mediation with Man Who Attacked Her

Tuesday, October, 10, 2017

Jamaican dancehall performer Bridgez will begin mediation proceedings in early November with the man who allegedly attacked her.   Bridgez was injured in a well-publicized stabbing incident earlier in 2017 when a man came at her on Red Hills Road. 


According to Bridgez, the accused man begged her lawyer to go to mediation during one of their court dates.   She agreed to meet with the mediator.   She wants the man to pay her for the damages to her body and her car.   She stated that if mediation does not allow her and her accused attacker to reach an agreement, they will return to court in mid-November. 


According to the police report from the night of the attack, Bridgez pulled up to a popular restaurant on Red Hills Road to purchase food.   A vehicle parked in front of her and the man inside of the vehicle asked her to move.   She told him she would move once she had picked up her order.   According to Bridgez, in response to her statement, the man came at her vehicle with a knife and broke her fog lights and stabbed her tired.   He then came after her, stabbing her several times when she exited her vehicle to confront him. 


Mediation is frequently used to settle personal injury cases and can be an effective way of allowing both sides to speak their minds and resolve the incident in a manner that satisfies both sides.   However, the process requires a level-headed approach from both parties, as well as an experienced mediator who is able to keep negotiations focused on the matter at hand.