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Key Questions for Women Undergoing Divorce Mediation Maryland

Monday, August, 15, 2011

Divorce Mediation Maryland and the Questions Women Should Ask


Women electing to choose divorce mediation Maryland in order to end their marriages will probably not understand the process or its ramifications when they first contact a mediation attorney.  In order to prepare themselves as fully as possible for life after divorce, including the financial end of matters, women should be sure to discuss key issues with their mediation attorneys.  The need for answers is so great that some mediation firms even run informational sessions that teach women what they need to know and what to expect during the divorce process.


Important Issues to Consider During Divorce Mediation Maryland


Divorce itself encompasses a wide range of issues including some that are legal, emotional, and financial.  One of the first things women should understand is the difference between litigation divorce and collaborative divorce, and how both these processes compare to mediation. 


Issues for the future include questions about who should keep the house and how any remaining mortgage balance should be handled.  Women will also want to know how a university education for the children will be paid for.  Longer-term issues include the matter of retirement; women will need to know what portion of their husband's retirement or Social Security they will be able to rely on.     


If the couple has jointly produced any creative works, intellectual property mediation may also be advisable during the divorce process.