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Kingwood Couple Resolve Sewage Flood Lawsuit in Mediation

Thursday, February, 28, 2019

A Kingwood couple has resolved their lawsuit against the city after their basement flooded with raw sewage and damaged their home. According to the couple, the city was responsible for the flood and should have taken responsibility for the remediation and clean-up process.


Charles and Debbie Keefer’s home was damaged when their home flooded in March 2017. They filed a lawsuit later that year against the city. According to an ordered filed in January 2019, the lawsuit was resolved through mediation, though no details were included concerning the settlement. This is the case with much mediation, as the process is private and parties can agree that no details will be made public, even after a settlement is reached.


According to Sam Hess, attorney for the Keefer’s there are still lose ends that need to be tied up before the dismissal order will be submitted. Keefer did acknowledge a preliminary agreement was reached in mediation.


The city’s attorney stated she had no comment at this time.


According to the lawsuit, the pump station failed because the city workers did not “pump the sewage while working on the pump station,” which caused the Keefer’s home on Veterans Memorial Highway to flood. The Keefers were not home when the flood occurred, but after they returned to their home, they found raw sewage in the basement. They claimed it had gone into the walls and cabinets and that their property required extensive repair. There were also building materials that were damaged.


The city publicly stated that the damage was “caused by the negligence of persons or entities other than the City of Kingwood” and that the city had acted in good faith.