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Mediation Begins between Caves Valley and Towson Corner

Sunday, August, 20, 2017

A 30 day deadline has been established concerning the upcoming mediation for the Towson Corner project in Maryland.   The mediation will occur between the project’s developer and the residents of the area with the goal of devising a new proposal for the site. 


According to Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, officials from Caves Valley Partners will meet with neighbors of the project site to discuss the latest proposal.   The site is located at the corner of York Road and Bosley Avenue.   Residents had previously opposed plans for a gas station, retail center, and Royal Farms convenience store at the 5.8 acre site that has been nicknamed Towson Station. 


Representatives from Caves Valley are hopeful the mediation will work out.  


The county council had given the approval in December 2016 for Towson Station for the project to enter the planned-unit development process, which could have allowed for approval of the gas station.   The approval was followed by months of opposition from the community.   According to those familiar with the dispute, residents were against the gas station and stated it was not an appropriate “gateway” to Towson.   Residents were also bothered by the number of trees cut down at the site this past spring. 


Kamenetz’s had been reluctant to push for mediation to resolve the dispute, but his stance changed since the re-examination of the project.  


The property in question is owned by Baltimore County.   Previously, there was a fire station located on the site, and it still is home to a public works facility.   Kamenetz announced plans to sell rights to the property in 2012, which resulted in a winning bid of more than $8 million by Caves Valley.