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Mediation Center Helped by Donations

Saturday, June, 23, 2018

Peer mediation programs are growing in popularity, but many of them lack the funding needed to be successful.  Now, the Mediation Center of the Coastal Empire has received more than $4000 in donations and grant money to help it continue to operate successfully.


The money comes from the South State Bank and the Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.  and are earmarked for two different programs, including the center’s Conferencing Program and the Peer Mediation program.


The Conference Program will receive the $2000 donated by the South State Bank.  The program has recently gained momentum as an in-demand option for dispute resolution.  The program is overseen by Crystal Commodore, the center’s Director of Youth Programs.  It provides a structured and safe environment for those involved in a dispute to resolve their problem.


Issues addressed in the program include shoplifting, minor assault, breaking and entering, trespassing, burglary, auto theft, and property destruction.  The program’s goal is to resolve the issue in a constructive manner and allow everyone involved to share their feelings and ideas for resolving the conflict.


The center’s Peer Mediation Program received a $2500 grant from Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.  The money will be used to boost the program, which is popular within the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System. 


There are 35 schools in the system that utilize peer mediators from the program.  The mediators are certified in mediation and work to help peers settle conflicts without other disciplinary intervention.  The process is confidential and focuses on communication between those involved in a dispute.  Disputes resolved through the peer program include disagreements, teasing, name-calling, gossip, cheating, and stealing.