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Mediation Center in Six Rivers Announces Expansion

Tuesday, January, 28, 2020

The mediation center in Six Rivers has successfully helped area residents resolve legal disputes and as a result of the success, the center is now expanding to include a dozen additional mediators.


The Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) is a non-profit organization serving the community.  It specializes in interpersonal mediations, facilitation, and communication workshops.  The center trained and certified 12 new mediators last year and plans to expand the number of people it helps in 2020.  


New mediators participated in 40 hours of Basic Mediation Training that prepares them to address conflicts that arise in their professional industries.  Mediators included those working in the legal field, education, counseling, government, and managerial positions.  


The center has provided a foundational mediation training course since 2006.  According to Executive Director Marti Dane, “Conflict intervention is complex, fraught with consequence and ultimately one of the most salient needs in our society. The team at Six Rivers appreciates everyone who contributed time and effort to make this training possible. ”


The mediators' role played disputes during the training that included more than a dozen volunteers from the community acting as disputants.


The center is dedicated to sharing mediation skills throughout the area and hopes that the prospect of mediation will make it easier to avoid full-blown litigation.  Mediators now have the versatile skill set needed to help people in the community resolve their difference out of the courtroom and protect their long-term relationships.


The center was established in 2003 and it is a non-profit 501c3 organization that provides low-cost conflict resolution.