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Mediation Could Set the State for Philadelphia’s Renewable Energy Plant

Wednesday, May, 20, 2020

Plans to move forward with Philadelphia’s renewable energy plant could be just around the corner, thanks in part to mediation. This comes after a court decision cleared the way for the sale of the property.


The plant, scheduled to be developed by RNG Energy Solutions, agreed with Philadelphia Energy Solutions in 2017. Shortly after, the plan for the plant was presented to city officials and received praise from those who think renewable energy is an important part of the future. The process of obtaining city and state permits moved forward.


The plant would house the potential to turn more than 1000 tons of commercial food waste from the area into energy. This is food waste that today is burnt or sent to landfills. The result would be up to 24,000 gallons of renewable natural gas every day.


Furthermore, the project would capture 159 metric tons of greenhouse gases per day, and create 450 direct and indirect construction jobs and 25 direct jobs during operations.


Another renewable energy company in the area, Point Breeze Renewable Energy, was originally against selling the 23-acre site. It argued on bankruptcy court that the lease was not in effect, so it was not eligible for sale. But just a few weeks ago, Point Breeze, PES, and Hilco Redevelopment Partners agreed to terminate the existing contracts and use mediation to negotiate a new contract.


Should a new lease occur because of mediation, the plan will be adjusted based on their agreed-upon joint goals. This would include shifting the site west but still leaving it on 23 acres of land.