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Mediation Process in Jeopardy in Clergy Sex Abuse Cases

Monday, September, 3, 2018

The proposal to use mediation between victims of clergy sex abuse and the Catholic Church could be in jeopardy.  The mediation would set about resolving nearly 190 cases of clergy sex abuse.  Attorneys for the alleged victims are concerned the church has been selling property without providing any advance notice to the court.

Should mediation or out-of-court settlements fail, the cases would go to trial.  Cases have been filed against Catholic bishops, teachers, priests, and other clergy and allege charges of sexual abuse and rape.


An attorney for the victims said the church is “acting in bad faith” and concealed recent sales of property that would be able to satisfy victims’ claims.  Without the profits from these sales, the church would rely on insurance to cover the cost of the claims, which would result in victims receiving less money.


The church’s attorney has said the church will provide a full report concerning the property sales within a few days.  He claimed the church will be “open and transparent” but it failed to give information about the recent sale of assets.


Mediation sessions are now scheduled to take place during the third week in September. 


According to the allege victims’ attorney, “We had to rethink mediation recently because of the revelations of the church. ”


So far, there have been three church assets sold and the sale of the former Accion Hotel in Yona is expected next.  The archdiocese confirms that upcoming sale, but was not able to offer any further comment concerning the sale in an effort to protect the confidentiality of the property buyer.