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Mediation Settles Dispute Concerning Sale of Condo

Monday, November, 13, 2017

A vacation condo owned by Julieta Meija de Corredor has been the subject of an ongoing dispute that was recently settled through court-ordered mediation.  She and her family had not spent time in the condo for some time, but in the years since they have been there, all of the amenities in the community have been torn down. 


Despite Meija de Corredor and her family not using the condo, she still refused to sell the property.  That is when it became the subject of a dispute with Westgate Resorts, a timeshare company that wanted access to the land to build new high-rise rental towers.  Mediation helped Meija de Corredor and Westgate settle their dispute and come to a sales agreement. 


According to Brent Siegel, the lawer for Meija de Corredor, “We were relieved for Ms. Corredor and the Corredor family that these issues are finally resolved ”.


The terms of the agreement were sealed by a non-disclosure clause.  Meija de Corredor was originally offered $150,000 for her condo and then a  unit in the new building, both of which she turned down.


Now that the sale of the property has taken place, Westgate will be able to resolve a similar dispute with county building officials that had previously refused to issue certificates of occupancy for the tower in which Meija de Corredor’s was located.  The building has been empty for four months. 


The lack of certificates prevent Westgate from leasing units in the new tower, which some say was costing the company thousands of dollars per day.  Now, Westgate is expected to be granted the permits to build its second $20 million tower at the site.