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Mediation Success Results in Cancellation of Hearing

Monday, March, 9, 2020

The upcoming hearing related to the lawsuit between a Limestone County School Administrator and the county board of education was cancelled after mediation proved successful between the two parties.  The cancellation was issued after the court received notification that the parties has reached an agreement after negotiating.


The dispute involved Mark Isley, who was hired as executive director of human resources for Limestone County Schools and the Limestone Board of Education.  Isley was put on paid leave at the end of January while an internal investigation was launched concerning his employment. 


Following the investigation, Isley launched a lawsuit against the county school superintendent Mike Owens, as well as Limestone County BOE Chairman Bret McGill.  There were other unnamed defendants in the suit.


According to Isley, he had been permanently and negatively affected by the choice to put him on paid leave.  Based on his allegations, other things that took place later also caused him harm and affected his career.  Isley claims the leave and the other things were all part of an effort to retaliate against him and cover up wrongdoing by the board.


Following the mediation, the parties were told by the judge to file a joint motion for dismissal as soon as they could.  Once the court receives that motion there will be no further hearings set and the case will be complete.


The specific details of the mediation are not yet known, but the Limestone County Board of Education held a special board meeting at the end of February following the announcement of a successful mediation.