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Mediation to Settle Dispute over Development Plans

Tuesday, August, 4, 2015


Mediation is being considered to resolve a dispute over a redevelopment plan that would transform the hamlet of Conrich unless significant changes to the proposal are made. The Rocky View County Council will review the structure plan again during a meeting that will include discussions of amendments and a recommendation for mediation between Calgary, Chestermere, and Rocky View County. The former two cities are concerned about the proposal and wonder if there will be too much industrial and commercial development in the area because of it, placing too much of a strain on the cities’ infrastructures. Some predictions show the county’s population would grow by at least 10,000 people over the next 30 years.


Calgary’s mayor has spoken out publicly against the plan, stating that he does not think Calgary taxpayers should be on the hook for the cost. He is most concerned about a $100 million plan to build additional transportation infrastructure. He has already stated that if the plan is passed and mediation fails, he will appeal.


The County Reeve believes the area plan is still in need of significant changes, but believes it is still possible to achieve the goals of the plan. Unfortunately, the plan does not meet Calgary’s goals of creating more sustainable residential communities with higher density targets.


The mayor of Chestermere also has concerns. She doesn’t believe her city’s concerns are being addressed, especially that they don’t have an IDP in place. There are also concerns over storm water management and the protection of agricultural property. She is hopeful that if everyone approach mediation with an open mind that compromise is possible.