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Neighbors in Ireland Headed to Mediation

Monday, March, 9, 2020

Next door neighbors in Ireland are accusing one another of intimidation and harassment.  The accusations came after they fought over access to the backs of their terraced houses.  Now, the two have agreed to try mediation to resolve their ongoing dispute.


Rob Curley and Alfonso Bonilla sought a restraining order against their neighbors Michael Caulfield, living in one home and his brother Anthony Caulfield, and living in another nearby unit.  The Caulfield brothers are accused of blocking access to a lane last July.  The judge suggested the parties involved attempt mediation.


According to the judge, the Caulfield brothers made similar allegations against Curley and Bonilla and they filed a counterclaim looking for the same restraints.  All parties allege they had been recorded by the other on their property.  


The judge also said the problems began after Curley and Bonilla purchased their home and sought access to a narrow lane that runs behind all three houses in question.  The men claimed they had no access to the lane because of parked cars.  The counterclaim alleges that a car belonging to the Caulfield brothers was scratched, allegedly by Curley and Bonilla.  The Caulfield brothers claim the damage was caused by a wheelbarrow.


The judge believes disputes such as this are ideal for mediation, but he hopes any issues arising concerning assault are dealt with cautiously.  Any issues related to previous criminal activity will not be discussed at mediation.  He then reminded those involved that if complaints of assault end up in criminal court there could be serious repercussions, including issues with traveling.