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New York Police Officers Requesting Mediation with City Hall

Wednesday, July, 13, 2016

The New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) in Staten Island, NY has requested an independent mediator to oversee and help to resolve the deadlocked contract negotiations between the union and the city. The union recently filed a declaration of impasse with the New York State Public Employment Relations Board asking that a mediator help to restart the current contract negotiations with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration. 


Officers have been working on a contract since 2013 and as of 2015, a state contract arbitrator awarded officers a 1% retroactive raise for the years 2011 and 2012. Had the PBA used the technique of other police unions, it would have gotten an 11% raise over the course of a seven year contract period, but the union did not accept the proposal because it means six months with no raise. PBA union officials argued the officers used to be the highest paid in the United State, but continue to fall further and further behind – making it difficult to maintain their standard of living in New York City. 


The union recently used more than $1 million in dues taken from officers to buy television ads against the mayor, accusing the mayor of not providing enough to officers who need to support their families.  


According to the PBA, New York City officers make approximately 35% less than officers national and throughout New York State, but according to the city; they make 146% of the average salary of officers in large cities. 


The mayor’s office had said publicly it will try to work with the officer’s union, but the union believes the mayor has an anti-law enforcement agenda.