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Norfolk Family Mediation Continues to Support Divorcing Couples in the Area

Monday, January, 22, 2018

Norfolk Family Mediation is experiencing its annual influx of requests from couples that seems to be spurred on by the holiday season.   For more than 30 years, the agency has been supporting separating families and helping them end marriages without the expense and damage of divorce court.


One member of the agency, Gemma Walpole, believes January – which happens to include national mediation awareness week – is a busy month because of the struggles families endure over the Christmas season.  The New Year brings a desire to improve things and finally take action to resolve an ongoing problem that reached its zenith during the holidays.


Couples move to take legal action after the first of the year and are encouraged by the family court system to attempt mediation, especially if there are children in the family.  Mediation is voluntary, but avoiding court allows for a much easier and less stressful transition from marriage to divorce.


According to Walpole, “The best outcome for a child is if their parents can talk, and come to an agreement”.


She also wants people to understand that divorce mediation is not about getting couples to reunite.  Instead, it helps them build a different type of relationship as a separated couple – who still share parenting responsibilities. 


The agreements discussed in mediation are not legally binding, but can become so if both parties are happy and agree to apply what they have created to their situation.


Mediators assisting couples have careers in law and special training in mediation.  Most initial sessions last about an hour or less.  Norfolk Family Mediation is based in Norwich, and has offices in King’s Lynn, and Thetford, and is also able to provide support for families in Suffolk.