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Private Car Drivers Could Benefit from Mediation

Tuesday, February, 12, 2019

Those who are hired privately to drive cars are close to getting a new way to resolve disputes with operators.  The National Private Hire Vehicles Association and the National Taxi Association recently announced a mediation service could be available to private hire drivers in the near future.  It was one of the primary recommendations submitted to the government and would be a part of the land Transport Master Plan.


Despite being subject to conditions set by their operators, taxi and private drivers are not protected under the Employment act.  For instance, operators can choose to ban drivers and they decide driver incentives because they are “tied freelancers. ”


According to Ang Hin Kee, who is executive advisor to the taxi and private hire association, “the NPHVA receives about eight or nine cases a week on a range of issues faced by private-hire drivers.  These matters, ranging from contractual matters to insurance claims, as well as the payout of driver incentives, cannot be allowed to fester. ”


He believes the better option is to have a mediation process for operators and drivers to resolve their differences when they arise.


Kee also believes the Land Transport Authority would be the best regulator for the process because it is “in line with the ongoing review of the regulatory framework for the taxi and private-hire car sectors, which is expected to be completed by the middle of next year. ”


In addition to mediation, the two associations also called for taxi and private drivers to be able to provide other services, including delivery.  This would allow them to receive more revenue without causing them to work elsewhere.