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Saving Time, Relationships and Money with Employment Mediation

Saturday, January, 15, 2011

Companies are increasingly requiring their employees to sign contracts agreeing to employment mediation instead of litigation. Why? For two very simple reasons: economics and time. Litigation ties up a company’s resources for a long period of time and makes them reluctant to let an employee go because of the fear of suits. Instead, employment mediation is a choice that helps everyone. A professionally trained mediator can step in and help both sides review their differences and provide alternative solutions that may not have previously be seen. The neutrality of the mediator allows both sides to air their differences in a non-confrontational manner and be assured of complete confidentiality. A formerly good working relationship can be preserved when the mediator delves into the reasons behind the disputes and helps both sides see the others point of view.

Avoid Wrongful Termination

Maybe it's the tight quarters, long hours or simply personality conflicts. Regardless of the reasons, an outside individual who can look at the circumstances with a non-judgmental eye can help save a hard working team from self-destroying. The bottom line is that employment mediation can save hurt feelings, make a separation lack animosity and save company money in the long run.