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Sexual Assault Claim Headed to Mediation

Monday, November, 26, 2018

Actress Sarah Scott has agreed to mediation after spending months waiting for the SAG-AFTRA union to act on her claims of sexual assault. Her lawsuit was based on allegations related to sexual assault by her co-star Kip Purdue on the indie TV show Mogulettes.


Scott claimed Purdue masturbated in front of her after filming a sex scene together for the show. She also claims a separate incident occurred in which Purdue put her hand on his crotch while they were in bed together waiting to film a scene.


The Los Angeles Times reported that Scott’s claim was scheduled to be heard by a SAG-AFTRA disciplinary committee, but that hearing was postponed after her lawyer was unable to fly to the meeting in time. Her attorney was appointed to her case by the #MeToo movement.


SAG-AFTRA claims to have zero tolerance for sexual harassment. The union announced early this year that it had adopted a “Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment” that outlined the expectations of the union.


Scott reported the incidents to the union days after they occurred. She later told the media that union officials had been sympathetic, but she did not get the sense anyone wanted to resolve the problem. According to Scott, “The feeling I got was really not worth your time”.  She said she was told the process of resolution would take six to nine months and that was her only option for resolving the matter.


Scott is disappointed with the lack of action on the part of the union and is hoping mediation can take care of the problem.