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Washington County Mediation Center Recognized as One of Maryland’s Best

Tuesday, June, 23, 2015

The Washington County Community Mediation Center in Washington County, Maryland was recently recognized as one of the best legal dispute options in the state. The services of the center are offered for free and they cater to those with a variety of legal issues. The goal is to help individuals stay out of court and resolve their dispute in the most efficient and affordable way possible.


The organization handles approximately 450 mediation sessions each year, which affected more than 1250 people, and the success rate was astonishingly high – nearly 90% of sessions at the center were settled successfully.


According to the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office in Annapolis, the center’s success has made it one of four level five community mediation centers in the state out of 19 total centers.


The Washington County center has 47 active members. Each is required to complete 50 hours at a training center called Community Mediation Maryland. The training prepares mediators to work with a variety of different clients regarding many different topics.


Those who choose to use the service have no limits on the number of mediation sessions they can use. However, the center reports settling most disputes within two meetings, usually lasting just a couple of hours. Trained mediators help clients brainstorm possible solutions to their problem and encourage civil discourse. Often, just having a third party neutral in the room is enough to keep conversations respectful and on track, even in the most volatile and emotional situations.


Representatives from the center are hoping more people learn about the services they offer and give mediation a shot before pursuing litigation.