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Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Civil, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Family, Legal Separation, Neighbor Disputes, Paternity

Glen Bickford is a caring professional mediator and a parenting consultant. I am different from many Minnesota mediators. Trained as both a scientist and pastor and also highly trained in mediation, I bring a unique perspective to conflict resolution. I have been mediating with families since 1997. A Minnesota Qualified Neutral for many years, I bring conflict resolution throughout much of the Minnesota Judicial System. I understand that divorce is sometimes necessary. I am divorced myself. I take time to get to know your situation in a free introductory visit.

I have more than 20 years of experience as a mediator and could help couples with:

  • marriage mediation,
  • child custody mediation,
  • divorce mediation,
  • separation mediation,
  • child custody evaluation,
  • parenting time mediation for divorced parents.

Conflict Resolution Mediator

Clear thinking and calm presence is important in stressful interpersonal situations. In my work I am balanced between a logical head and caring heart. Listening, empathy and emotional intelligence are second nature to me.

Skilled and experienced in conflict resolution, I work hard to reach settlement. I’ve lived with people from Africa, South America and Asia. I’ve been chaplain at Mayo to people from around the world. I understand our multicultural society yet I am smart enough to know my limits. In conflict, I also understand the differences that personality, age, education and lifestyle make. My strengths have often been pivotal in reaching agreement.

I understand church life. I have served as pastor and interim pastor to a dozen churches. As church consultant, I help with conflict resolution, and also mission statements, planning, congregational analysis, seminars, and staffing issues. I have many years of experience training leaders, volunteers and developing youth and visitation programs.

I enjoy helping families with elder mediation issues. As a pastor and chaplain in nursing homes and hospitals my experience with hundreds of seniors is invaluable. I have consulted with dozens of families struggling with a family member’s end-of life issues. My work as ICU/ER chaplain with their loved one’s medical and life support issues has shaped who I am.

I am happy to help people who seek Minnesota family mediation services, divorce mediation, church and elder mediation. I work in the Twin Cities and throughout Southern Minnesota. I love Minnesota family mediation and church conflict resolution. 

I mediate on most matters related to divorce and cohabitation including child custody and property disputes. Parenting Consultant work with high conflict couples is my specialty.

Evening and Weekend appointments available. Please contact me for a free consultation!

4940 West 77th Street, #112
Edina, MN 55435

P: 612-670-7980
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