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Scott A. Becker, Esq.

Career and Practice Areas
Mr. Becker is a practicing attorney licensed in Minnesota since 1994. He has worked for a leading pension consulting company and a large Minneapolis law firm before starting his own practice in 1999.

Scott’s practice consists of several areas of transactional work. First, he works with third party administrators and employers/businesses on staying in compliance with federal and state regulations for employee benefit plans. This involves working with ERISA on retirement plans and welfare plans, drafting and updating plan documents, designing formulae to make contributions be used efficiently for the intended participants, and implementing and maintaining plans in compliance with current federal and state tax laws; all these tasks are part of the process.

He also advises companies on general corporate procedure and drafts agreements on a wide variety of transactions for his clients. Such agreements might include:

  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Stock Transfer Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Severance Agreements

In addition, he has worked on many mergers and acquisitions for his clients, with several being in the multi-million dollar range.

While not the central focus of his practice, Scott has also worked on estate planning matters for his clients. Estate planning involves the basics of Will and Trust drafting, as well as advanced tax planning, including maximizing the use of current tax laws to transfer property to heirs and descendants.

Finally, Scott has taught seminars nationwide since 1995 on a variety of topics in the benefits field, including:

  • FMLA
  • ADA
  • Section 125
  • 401(k)’s
  • IRA’s
  • Health Savings Accounts
He has taught for CFT organizations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Texas.

For years Benefits & Business Law Advisors has been providing leading legal approaches, innovative strategies and implementing cost-effective solutions for the challenges faced by employers contending with employee benefits plans and various compliance requirements. We are a highly regarded boutique law firm; based in Eagan, MN we provide legal advice and representation to employers across the country, with a high concentration of work stemming from various Metro markets both locally in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and nationally. Specializing in employee benefits and business law, our services are sought after by up-and-coming businesses as well as established corporations.

Our attorneys and legal staff at Benefits & Business Law Advisors provide comprehensive counsel to clients seeking legal advice and/or representation. We offer a wide range of benefits and business law services to assist employers in meeting the demands and compliance requirements set forth by state and federal laws. Our inclusive legal services and practice areas include, but are not limited to:

As a professional law firm dealing primarily with Employee Benefits and Business Law, we are well equipped to handle time-sensitive services on a national platform yet personable enough to develop quality relationships with our individual clients. With years of experience and integral depth in each of our practice areas, the attorneys at Benefits & Business Law Advisors are able to assist you in meeting all your legal goals and compliance requirements.

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