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Appellate Court Rules Victims of Domestic Abuse Cannot be Forced into Post-Divorce Mediation
4/10/2015 5:01:02 PM
Description: An appellate court decision has prioritized the protections of the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (PDVA) over the requirements of property settlement agreements (PSAs) that specify mediation be used to settle all disputes. The court ruled that

Ghost of References Past: How a 10-year-old Reference May Create a Conflict for Arbitrators or Mediators.
12/16/2013 4:03:23 PM
Description:   Establishing a practice as a neutral in mediation and arbitration can be a very long and arduous undertaking.  In the FMCS program, How to Become a Labor Arbitrator, it is recommended that a new arbitrator have a source of income to

Los Angeles School District Making Progress in Talks
11/20/2013 5:13:23 PM
Description:   There are many tensions in the discussions surrounding the facilities at Bullis Charter School, although officials are committed to the continued progress towards a solution.  Last week, district board president Doug Smith mailed off a

Bellefonte Waterfront Development Plans Heading for Mediation
2/22/2013 5:27:50 PM
Description: Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, known as “Central Pennsylvania’s Victorian Secret,” is seeking mediation in its attempt to redevelop an area along Water Street.  The borough’s manager, Ralph Stewart, spoke to the city council

Is it worth the paper it is written on?
7/2/2012 5:31:14 PM
Description: ATTORNEY LIEN CLAIMED:   Is It Worth the Paper It is Written on?   By Jon D. Starr   It has become a somewhat common practice by attorneys representing persons involved in personal injury claims to type the words "Attorney Lien

Mediation, Arbitration or Litagation?
6/29/2012 10:12:13 AM
Description: MEDIATION, ARBITRATION OR LITIGATION:   HOW EMPLOYERS CAN EVALUATE THE OPTIONS   Amy Lieberman, Esq.   Workplace disputes are something that all employers face at some point. The larger the employer, the more frequently

Arbitrator Entering Default Judgment Cannot Award Unliquidated Damages Without a Hearing
5/24/2012 6:28:02 PM
Description: Arbitrator Entering Default Judgment Cannot Award Unliquidated Damages Without a Hearing 04/05/2012   “Although an arbitrator need not follow all the niceties observed in court proceedings, the arbitrator must grant the parties a

Debt Mediation Ordered in Fulton Homes Case
5/3/2011 5:40:10 AM
Description: Debt mediation has been ordered in the case of Fulton Homes Corporation. More than two years ago, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, requesting it be allowed to reorganize debts and assets.  Now, the bankruptcy judge