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Mediation Begins for Jersey Nurses
11/28/2018 12:54:59 PM
Description: Following ongoing pay negotiations that have gotten nowhere and an overall lack of progress in various disputes, Jersey Jamaica nurses have agreed to try mediation.   The RCN and Jersey’s mediatory service will participate in the

New Jersey Residents Can Now Apply for Mediation of Hurricane Sandy Claims
5/7/2013 11:46:55 AM
Description:   New Jersey residents who are still dealing with unresolved insurance disputes resulting from last year’s Hurricane Sandy can now submit their claim to the American Arbitration Association and have it mediated.  All mediation

New Jersey Governor Supports Policyholder Mediation for Hurricane Sandy Claims
2/27/2013 9:11:14 AM
Description:   In the wake of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s public announcement supporting mediation for resolution of insurance claims that resulted from hurricane Sandy, experts agree that the plan is a good one.  Insurance companies

St. Louis County, Missouri Foreclosure Mediation Program is Not Popular Among Bankers And Realtors
2/5/2013 2:30:36 PM
Description: St. Louis County, Missouri, has recently been the target of the Missouri Bankers Association, a top banking association in the state, in an attempt to end the county’s foreclosure mediation ordinance passed last year.  According to the

Connecticut Governor Working to Improve State’s Foreclosure Mediation Process
2/5/2013 2:19:17 PM
Description: Dannel P. Malloy, Governor of Connecticut, requested that the state’s lawmakers’ move to pass legislation that would effectively streamline the process of foreclosure mediation in order to help more distressed homeowners stay in their

DC Homeowners to Get Longer Mediation Times
7/3/2012 10:41:19 AM
Description: DC lawmakers are thinking about doubling the mediation time from its current 90 days to 180 days for homeowners who were provided with "defective" default notices. Although not a law yet, the idea is getting backing from Mayor Vincent Gray and his