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COVID-19 Expected to Affect Future Mediation Procedures
5/14/2020 11:55:32 AM
Description: COVID-19 has affected most areas of life and that includes mediation. In many cases, mediations have been postponed because of the inability to travel and attend the session in person. Though many sessions can be conducted virtually, some states,

Additional Claims Filed against Bayer Regarding Roundup as Mediation Slows during COVID-19 Pandemic
5/5/2020 3:46:01 PM
Description:   The number of plaintiffs involved in lawsuits against Bayer related to its glyphosate-based weed-killing product continues to rise. This is despite the slow-down in mediation due to the coronavirus. According to Bayer, there are currently

New Contracts for Caregivers Reached Via Mediation
4/21/2020 3:26:18 PM
Description: Governor Jay Inslee recently announced that the Swedish Medical Center and Swedish Edmonds and SEIU Healthcare 1199NW have agreed on new contract terms that affect nearly 8000 employees of Swedish.   According to the governor, the two sides

New Mexico Court Turning to Mediation to Deal with Dispute over Mail-in Voting
4/8/2020 3:20:18 PM
Description: The New Mexico State Supreme Court has decided to mediate a dispute regarding the state's election in early June.   The decision to not hold in-person voting was made due to the coronavirus pandemic to minimize health risks for state

Coronavirus Has Brought An Increase In The Request For Video Mediation For Divorcing Couples
4/8/2020 3:18:45 PM
Description: Mediation is known to be one of the best tools for resolving divorce and those while ending their marriages during the COVID-19 outbreak are not changing that trend.  The change they are making is conducting business via video conference.

Negotiations Involving the Oklahoma Gaming Commission Continue Via Mediation Despite COVID-19 Outbreak
4/8/2020 3:18:02 PM
Description: Casinos throughout Oklahoma and across the country are currently shuttered due to the new coronavirus, but the negotiations regarding gaming contracts in Oklahoma City continue.  Some tribes report they received a compromise offer from the

ZOOM Mediations Playing Significant Role in Legal Negotiations during COVID-19 Outbreak
4/8/2020 3:17:19 PM
Description:   More and more people are turning to ZOOM virtual conferencing to deal with legal negotiations and continue with mediations during the coronavirus outbreak.   The online conferencing tool allows people to complete their negotiations