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Second Round of Mediation Needed to Resolve Remaining Issues
11/18/2019 1:03:13 PM
Description: Eleven hours of mediation was not enough to completely resolve the Service Delivery Strategy (SDS) between the Baldwin County Board of Commissioners and the Milledgeville City Council. Both sides likely intend to return to the negotiation table and

SDS Dispute Will Head Back to Mediation
10/23/2019 12:52:05 PM
Description: The special appointed judge hearing the disputes between the Baldwin County Board of Commissioners and the Milledgeville City Council is sending parties involved back to mediation in an attempt to reach a settlement outside of the courtroom again.

Canadian Prisoner Released from Syrian Prison after Mediation
8/19/2019 12:11:02 PM
Description: A Canadian citizen who was held in a Syrian prison since 2018 has been freed following mediation overseen by the Lebanese government.   The prisoner, Kristian Lee Baxter, stated that he had no idea if people even knew he was still alive

Mediation Has Been Ordered in Sandpoint Theft Case
5/17/2019 11:31:00 AM
Description:   The two sides involved in an embezzlement case have been ordered to mediation according to First District Court records in Sandpoint. The lawsuit was filed against a former office manager at a midwifery clinic.   Mediation was

Mediation Session Results in Determination of Responsibility for Milledgeville Library and Animal Control
2/12/2019 2:48:29 PM
Description: The mediation session between Baldwin County officials and the City of Milledgeville led to the determination of which entity is responsible for the city’s library and its animal control department.  Milledgeville will now need to take

Mediation Will Continue into New Year for Two Sides Involved in Service Delivery Strategy Dispute
1/5/2019 3:43:52 PM
Description: The ongoing Service Delivery Strategy (SDS) dispute between Baldwin and Milledgeville County officials will stretch into the new year, after no resolution was found between the two in ongoing mediation session in 2018.   The two sides met as

Mediation Begins for Jersey Nurses
11/28/2018 12:54:59 PM
Description: Following ongoing pay negotiations that have gotten nowhere and an overall lack of progress in various disputes, Jersey Jamaica nurses have agreed to try mediation.   The RCN and Jersey’s mediatory service will participate in the

Gulf Shores School Board Will Resolve Dispute with Mediation
3/6/2018 12:12:47 AM
Description: Unsupervised negotiations between the Baldwin County Schools and the Gulf Shores School Board have ended and the groups are headed to meet with a mediator.  According to school officials, the city is “rushing into the school system”

Mediation to Settle Dispute in Standup Paddle League
7/20/2017 5:39:53 PM
Description: The dispute concerning which federation should be in charge of Stand-up Paddle will now head to the Court of Arbitration for Sport for support with the mediation process.   The International Surfing Association (ISA) and the International

North Carolina Residents Affected by Hurricane Matthew Will Have Access to Insurance Mediation Program
11/6/2016 10:30:00 AM
Description: Residents of Raleigh and other areas throughout North Carolina affected by recent Hurricane Matthew will have access to an insurance mediation program. The announcement comes from Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, when he ordered activation of