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EEOC Implements Changes to Temporary Mediation Program
7/13/2020 12:21:58 PM
Description: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently announced the launch of a pilot program. The goal is to alter certain aspects of its existing mediation program. The new program includes the expansion of types of worker bias allegations

Agreement Reached during Mediation Allegedly Breached by New Orleans Towing Company
11/28/2018 12:53:38 PM
Description: An agreement reached during mediation has allegedly been breached by a New Orleans towing company, according to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC). The agency has filed a lawsuit against the company and received no response after

KONE, Inc. Accused of Breach of Mediation
7/10/2015 11:33:38 AM
Description: KONE, Inc., a Delaware company that manufactures and services escalators and elevators, has agreed to pay more than $85,000 to settle a lawsuit claiming the company retaliated and breached a mediation agreement filed against it by the US Equal

Heffner Age Discrimination Suit Ordered into Mediation
4/19/2015 11:27:41 AM
Description: The age discrimination suit brought by Corrections Officer William Heffner against the Village of Quincy in Michigan has been ordered into mediation by the judge in the case. Heffner, 59, had applied for the newly-created post of Chief of Police

Chair of the EEOC Encourages Employment Discrimination Mediation
9/18/2013 9:39:08 PM
Description:   In an employment law conference held on August 27th, Jacqueline A. Berrien, chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, spoke of the merits of the mediation program sponsored by the commission in resolving employment discrimination

English Professor Keeps Her Job And Reaches A Settlement Through Mediation
9/9/2013 10:47:27 PM
Description:   Wang Ping, a professor of English at Macalester college, filed a discrimination lawsuit against her employer that has recently reached a settlement through mediation.  However, this claim turned out differently than many do, as Ping has

Workplace dispute? Try Mediation
8/7/2012 3:46:49 PM
Description:   (Credit: iStockphoto) (MoneyWatch)When salespeople wage war in the workplace, nobody wins. The worst-case scenario is when conflicts escalate into a lengthy ordeal of costly and destructive litigation. The cost is more than money: All

Evans Fruit Co. Enters Workplace Mediation over Sexual Harassment
5/30/2012 11:23:26 AM
Description: Evans Fruit Co., based out of Cowiche Washington and one of the largest apple producers in the US, is entering workplace mediation with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Charges were filed by the EEOC accusing a supervisor of sexually

Mediation Certification Courses Targeted to Workplace Needs
9/14/2011 10:04:30 AM
Description: Mediation certification requirements vary by state, with many state-level governments only just now beginning to consider issues related to the proper licensure of mediation attorneys.  The private business community is ahead of the curve in