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Court Sends Sides to Mediation in an Effort to Resolve Building Issue
1/2/2020 1:16:54 PM
Description: The court has suggested a mediation attempt for the two sides involved in a dispute regarding a Cochranton building.  The building was set to be condemned; but that process might be resolved without the need for a long, drawn out court battle

Waltham Land Battle Headed to Mediation
12/4/2019 6:02:23 AM
Description: Mediation is up next for Waltham and the Trustees of the Stigmatine Fathers concerning the long-term legal dispute surrounding the land formerly owned by the religious order.  The city wants to build a $375 million high school at the

Owner of Toyota of Portsmouth Will Forgo Participation in Upcoming Mediation
2/12/2019 2:49:51 PM
Description: James Boyle, owner of Toyota of Portsmouth, will not be participating in the upcoming mediation between his company and city officials.   According to Boyle, he chose not to participate because “he has had enough with what he sees as

Road 5 Mediation Moves Dispute Forward Despite No Resolution
9/3/2018 10:27:06 PM
Description: The ongoing dispute concerning Road 5 finally ended up in mediation in mid-July.  Unfortunately, despite mediation moving parties forward closer to a solution, it failed to resolve the matter entirely.    The dispute began in 2012

Putnam County Headed to Mediation
6/13/2018 4:23:38 PM
Description: A judge has approved the mediation request in the Road 5 lawsuit in Putnam County.  It was the property owners impacted by the project that requested mediation.   The dispute began in 2012 when Putnam County Commissioners started a road

Dispute over Toledo, Ohio Road Heads to Mediation
11/13/2015 6:25:47 PM
Description: The dispute over Fort Meigs Road between the city of Perrysburg and residents living on the road will head to court-mandated mediation. The dispute is regarding the purchase of land to make the road wider.   The road widening project was

Maryland County and Aurora Headed to Arbitration over Assisted Living Facility
10/12/2015 10:35:09 PM
Description: Negotiations will soon begin in the dispute between Aurora Holdings VII and Frederick County regarding the Citizens Rehabilitation Care and Odyssey Assisted Living at Montevue. The case nearly made it in front of a judge recently, but at the last

Vermont Gas Offers Mediation to Reluctant Landowners Over Rights of Way Disputes
8/18/2014 9:07:04 PM
Description: Struggling to gain rights-of-way for a natural gas pipeline, Vermont Gas has invited landowners who have so far resisted its attempts to secure land-use rights to negotiate through a third party.  Vermont Gas is seeking to build the pipeline

Bellefonte Waterfront Development Plans Heading for Mediation
2/22/2013 5:27:50 PM
Description: Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, known as “Central Pennsylvania’s Victorian Secret,” is seeking mediation in its attempt to redevelop an area along Water Street.  The borough’s manager, Ralph Stewart, spoke to the city council