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Mediation App Helps Resolve Co-Parenting Disputes
4/4/2019 2:51:17 PM
Description: Mediation is one of the best tools for helping to resolve co-parenting disputes but it is not always reasonable to schedule a mediator to help with every single issue that arises in a family. Seeing a need for ongoing mediation assistance between

Mediation Provides Path to Truancy Problem
9/13/2018 5:45:06 PM
Description:   Duluth, Minnesota school officials and community leaders are looking for a way to remedy the truancy issue in area schools and they believe mediation might be a key to their success.   The meeting to discuss the issue included the St.

Parent coordinators? Who are they?
5/6/2014 3:01:31 PM
Description:   A Parent Coordinator (PC) is usually a licensed mental health professional or an attorney assigned by the courts to manage ongoing issues in high-conflict parenting cases. The PC’s decisions then become court-ordered. We are also

The Nurturing Program
8/30/2012 3:39:43 PM
Description: Family Nurturing Centers of Texas Nurturing Program Facilitation Training   For Social Workers, Therapists, Guardian ad Litems, Parenting Coaches, and Parent Educators working with High-­-Conflict Parents    The Nurturing