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12/7/2023 7:11:17 PM
Description:                         Same sex couples, be they Domestic Partners or Married, can significantly benefit from using Mediation as a way

Norwalk Headed to Mediation for Wall Street Place Project
12/5/2018 2:50:42 PM
Description:   The Wall Street Place redevelopment project will be negotiated in an upcoming mediation session between Citibank, the city of Norwalk, and the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency.   Citibank owns the former Isaacs Street municipal lot that

Nevada’s New Mediation Foreclosure Law Reduces Number of Foreclosures
10/10/2017 5:21:25 PM
Description: It is no secret the real estate market in Las Vegas has been volatile over the last decades or so, and now, a new Nevada law is putting the brakes on the number of foreclosures in the city and throughout the state.    According to recent

Mediation Outcome Unclear in Dispute between Saints Owner and Daughter
1/22/2016 5:43:32 PM
Description: The dispute concerning control of a trust fund in Texas between Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson and his daughter Renee might still be ongoing, according to attorneys associated with the case. The attorneys refused to comment further on the

Milwaukee Mediation Center Assists Couples with Divorce
9/23/2015 1:40:25 PM
Description: The Milwaukee Mediation Center assists couples with their divorce, making the process easier on families and reducing the overall negative effect the process has a on a person’s life. The goal was to make the separation process more amicable

Florida Realtors Complete Mediation Training Program
7/10/2015 11:34:19 AM
Description: Real estate agents in St. Augustine and St. Johns counties in Florida recently completed a mediation program to help them improve service for clients. The mediation training program was presented to members of the Board of Realtors and was conducted

Fighting to Save Sweet Briar Leads to Mediation
6/2/2015 5:57:44 PM
Description:   The Sweet Briar College dispute continues on with parties participating in ongoing mediation meetings. Attorneys representing the parties involved negotiated for three hours the beginning of this month and met again

AvalonBay Mediation with Princeton Enters Second Session
8/12/2014 3:32:12 PM
Description: Court-mandated mediation between property developer AvalonBay and the town of Princeton, New Jersey entered its second session in August as the two sides try to resolve the dispute over a residential development at the old Princeton Hospital before

Financial Documents To Collect For Divorce Mediation
4/24/2014 2:22:42 PM
Description: When you start a divorce process, there are a number of documents that you’ll want to collect for your reference. You’ll also need them for your mediator and attorney and ultimately for your spouse. Collecting this information for some

The Top Three Steps in Preparing for Successful Mediation
10/22/2013 8:46:39 PM
Description: The Top Three Steps in Preparing for Successful Mediation   People who are new to the process of mediation are often nervous before it begins, not knowing the process or what to expect.  The most important thing to do before beginning