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Mediation over Noisy Tenant Dispute Continues; Landlord Not Participating
12/27/2018 12:54:28 PM
Description: The landlord affiliated with the complex where a Maynooth man threatened his noisy neighbors has declined to take part in the mediation process to resolve the matter. The mediation is part of a restorative justice procedure was set into motion in

Mediation Professionals Introduce Concepts to Public Schools in Iowa
5/21/2018 10:56:45 PM
Description: Since the fall of 2017, Mediation Services of Easier Iowa (MSEI) has been sharing opportunities and concepts with Iowa school administrators and students.  The company has helped the school system develop “restorative justice talk

Saline County Kansas Offers Mediation Services for Juvenile Offenders
5/31/2012 9:18:03 AM
Description: For low-level juvenile offenders and crime victims, Saline County Kansas is instituting mediation services for juvenile misdemeanor cases. It is at this point a voluntary option that both the plaintiff and defendant have to agree upon. The details

Victim Offender Mediation Provides Catharsis and Other Benefits
3/22/2011 8:01:48 AM
Description: Of the many restorative justice options out there today, victim offender mediation is one of the most effective. When a crime is committed, the impact can be far reaching for both the victim and the offender. Victims can have difficulty coping