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12/7/2023 7:11:17 PM
Description:                         Same sex couples, be they Domestic Partners or Married, can significantly benefit from using Mediation as a way

Impasse Reached in Mediation Concerning 2019 Terror Attack
7/17/2020 2:47:54 PM
Description: The New Zealand Muslim groups involved in mediation with Wellington have reached an impasse regarding the distribution of $2 million for Christchurch victims. The victims were people injured or killed in the March 2019 attack on a

The City of Sebastian Turns to Mediator in Mayoral Election Dispute
5/14/2020 11:58:06 AM
Description: The city of Sebastian is hoping mediation will resolve the ongoing dispute concerning an alleged take-over of the city government. According to residents of the city, three council members attempted to remove the mayor of Sebastian and fire all of

Settlement Reached for City of Daphne an AT&T
2/21/2020 1:46:11 PM
Description: The ongoing legal battle between the City of Daphne and AT&T will soon be over thanks to mediation.  The so-called “turf war” has been raging for about 18 months over orange and white utility markers in roads throughout the

Final Mediation Session Takes Place for St. Louis County Plow Drivers
1/28/2020 12:54:06 PM
Description: St.  Louis County and the county’s plow truck drivers are headed into their final mediation session in an attempt to resolve a contract dispute that could keep them off the roads this winter.   According to chief negotiate for

Mediation Up Next for Teachers’ Union and Windham School Board
12/16/2019 2:22:24 PM
Description: For the fourth time in five years a mediator will work with the teachers’ union and the Windham School Board to help them come to terms on a teachers’ contract.  According to board members, a $3.4 million contract was too much of a

Fourth Mediation Attempt Upcoming for CMBC and Transit Workers’ Union
12/4/2019 6:01:20 AM
Description:   In a last ditch effort to avoid a bus system shutdown, Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC) has requested a fourth mediation session with Unifor, the union that represents transit workers.     According to CMBC President Michael

Second Round of Mediation Needed to Resolve Remaining Issues
11/18/2019 1:03:13 PM
Description: Eleven hours of mediation was not enough to completely resolve the Service Delivery Strategy (SDS) between the Baldwin County Board of Commissioners and the Milledgeville City Council. Both sides likely intend to return to the negotiation table and

Hotel Tax Challenge Headed to Mediation
9/24/2019 1:58:37 PM
Description: A judge has recommended mediation for parties involved in the dispute over the hotel tax in Tulsa. A potential settlement could be reached between the City of Tulsa and opponents of its Tourism Improvement District and the hotel assessments it

Mediation to Help in Resolving College of DuPage Dispute
9/3/2019 9:21:51 AM
Description: Mediation has been agreed to by the College of DuPage board of trustees and the school’s more than 300 faculty members. The two sides will meet and discuss the issues with the hope of negotiating a mutually agreed upon solution to the ongoing