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Right to Inspect Child Detention Sites to be Mediated
7/22/2019 3:14:28 PM
Description: A federal judge determined an inspection was needed to determine the outcome of a dispute involving the inspection of child detention sites at the Texas and Mexico border. A district court judge overseeing the enforcement of an agreement regarding

North Carolina Water Dispute Remains in Mediation
8/25/2014 4:55:11 PM
Description: A complicated water dispute involving three counties in North Carolina in the United States has been mired in a slow-moving mediation process for eight months, but will remain there for the time being instead of heading to court.   The

Judge Orders Detroit, County Officials into Mediation over Water Authority
4/25/2014 1:28:56 PM
Description:   The city of Detroit, proposing a privatization of the water system that serves southeast Michigan, and two counties that have rejected the proposal in favor of forming their own regional water authority have been ordered into immediate

Following Successful Mediation, Wicomico County Must Now Draw Map Legislated by State of Maryland
10/22/2013 8:45:35 PM
Description:   After two nights of mediation, Wicomico County, Maryland, city officials are more optimistic about a fair and agreeable method for determining housing developments’ location and size within the county.  County Executive Rick

A Guardian Ad Litem‘s Involvement in the Family Mediation Process
11/26/2012 1:36:44 PM
Description: The job of an ad litem whether a guardian or attorney ad litem is not only challenging and rewarding it can have a long lasting effect on the children or party we are appointed to represent.   A guardian ad litem and attorney ad litem are