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Online Dispute Resolution Uses Innovative Techniques

Tuesday, June, 28, 2011

Online dispute resolution provides parties with a serious disagreement a way to use technology in order to promote a fair and equitable settlement of their differences.  Although there are many means of accomplishing dispute resolution online, the two most common approaches to the issue are mediation and arbitration, often with a judicious amount of negotiation mixed in.

Some industry analysts regard the process as simply one more form of alternative dispute resolution, but in fact when carried out online the procedure has some distinct characteristics.  Parties need not live or work in near proximity to one another; it is possible to conduct online mediations from disparate locations such as different states or even different nations, though in the latter case the parties need to take care to distinguish which form of law will be the controlling factor in the proceedings.


Uses of Online Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution carried out online can encompass virtually any use of mediation that is possible in person.  Therefore, such diverse fields as insurance mediation, probate mediation, and intellectual property mediation can be conducted online when circumstances warrant.  The latter case is particularly appropriate for the Internet since many disputes over intellectual property originate in that medium and most cases involve parties who are not living in the same city.


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