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Contract Mediation - Is it Right for You?

Saturday, January, 15, 2011

When in conflict over any issue, a solution may seem so far out of grasp when the parties involved cannot civilly agree on the outcome. Contract mediation has become a more popular form of agreement between parties since it is quicker and less time consuming than traditional litigation. When entering into a contract, the wording used is key to determining the responsibilities of each party involved. In times where these responsibilities are not clearly defined, the purpose of the contract may be void. Contract mediation is an alternative way to solve an issue over a contract without entering into a lawsuit.

Contract mediation is a service in which mediation professional conducts a personalized and dedicated proceeding in order to find agreeable terms between the two disagreeing parties. Although this is not a legal proceeding, this type of mediation can be very successful in such cases. The mediator will create an atmosphere that is both productive and neutral to both parties in order to facilitate a number of conversations to gather information about the dispute and find an acceptable resolution.

Although legal representative is not needed to enter into a contract mediation, you may want to seek counsel if your specific situation involves punitive damages, physical injury or large sums of money. Mediators are not judges and certain situations of such magnitude may be best handled by legal representation. Nonetheless, mediation is a viable option for those that don’t want to deal with the lengthy proceeding and waiting times associated with formal court litigation.