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Mediation Begins for Jersey Nurses

Wednesday, November, 28, 2018

Following ongoing pay negotiations that have gotten nowhere and an overall lack of progress in various disputes, Jersey Jamaica nurses have agreed to try mediation.


The RCN and Jersey’s mediatory service will participate in the sessions.


The college of nurses advised the 500 member nurses working in Jersey to withdraw goodwill, which means nurses would stop skipping breaks and banking shifts in response to the ongoing dispute and until the dispute is resolved.

The nurses were given a pay offer that would span the rest of 2018 and 2019 in September by the government, but rejected that offer. According to Di Francis, RCN senior regional officer, nurses feel “increasingly angry” at the lack of progress that has been made thus far. She explained, “They were promised a pay review as part of negotiations six years ago and to still be no further forward at this point is hugely frustrating. The issue is not really about money, it is about feeling valued and wanting to close the pay gap. Talks have stalled time and time again over the last year. Members feel like they are going round in circles and are no further forward.”


In addition to no longer banking shifts or skipping breaks, members were also asked to record and request time off in lieu for breaks they work and any time they are asked to start or finish later than 15 minutes before or after their regular shift.


Nurses not given time off are now submitting overtime claims to ensure they are properly paid and to submit those claims to the college so the number of extra hours everyone is working can be calculated and tracked. The information will be used during mediation session to address problems with the system.