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Mediation Certification Courses Becoming More Common

Friday, June, 17, 2011

Although mediation certification requirements vary from one state to another, an increasing number of online and physical educational establishments are beginning to offer courses leading to some sort of certificate or authorization to practice the craft of mediation.  In many cases, these authorizations remain unofficial; possession of one does not necessarily grant a "stamp of approval" from any entity other than the issuer.  Still, as such courses proliferate, more states are examining their own policies or lack thereof when it comes to the question of whether mediation attorneys should be certified and if so, what the coursework requirements should be.

Mediation Certification at the Mediation Training Institute International

One company that has thrown itself into efforts to train attorneys in mediation skills is Mediation Training Institute International, which tours the nation offering short courses to interested professionals.  The company stays in each city for five days and offers a variety of intensive workshops, some of them lasting a single day while others take the full five days.  This flexible schedule allows participants to learn as many as five different topics during a single week.

Mediation Training Institute can also provide online courses so that individuals can become certified without travelling, and for groups of three or more provides in-house training for an additional fee.

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