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Mediation Suggested to Resolve Russia/Ukraine Crisis

Thursday, March, 6, 2014

Representatives of the European Union have suggested that mediation could be a solution to the ongoing crisis and threat of violence in the Crimea and Ukraine over recent Russian aggression following the recent Ukrainian revolution.  Germany, France and Britain have signed off on the suggestion, and have floated the Organization for Security and Cooperation as a possible venue for the process.  They have also suggested that a raft of economic and diplomatic sanctions be ready to use as punishment if Russia refuses to participate.


The European Union’s suggested course of action is not in line with the policy urged by the United States, which places sanctions first and negotiations later.  But the EU nations have stronger economic ties to Ukraine and Russia.  Germany imports a great deal of its energy from Russia, and Ukraine was in talks to establish firmer economic ties to the EU prior to the crisis that precipitated the revolution.


Relations between the EU and Russia were deteriorating long before the Crimea crisis, and there is no telling if Russia will accept mediation as a solution.